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Success Coaching That Honors Your Feminine

You have the talent. You know you are meant for big things. Maybe you've already had a taste of the top and that's where you want to stay. 

Your presence is magnetic.You already have 'it' -- and you are determined to have your success be on your terms, true to your authenticity, in an industry where everyone is telling you who to be and what to do or how to do it. Instead you are ready to lead your way.

You know your time is now. You are fierce and desire a top level coach who can hold space for you to amplify your power even more. 

You have the vision for where you are going, and you'd rather save time from being lost or even 1 degree off-course. You want to experience deep calm, deep trust.

And you want to honor your body and soul at the same time. You want the masculine structure & strategies to hold you up to allow your feminine creativity to soar. 

So that burnout and exhaustion can be so last year. You are over the hustle paradigm and ready to work with your body, not against its cyclical rhythm.

So, how do you honor your energy without compromising your success or ambition?

Guiding you into your body to release blocked channels while becoming ruthless with managing that newly released energy is where I come in. Your dreams are exceptional, and require precision of time, focus and crystal clarity for specific aligned action. 

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Collapse your timeline

Show business doesn't follow a rule book, but it is a business. You are CEO. You don't work your way up a ladder for guaranteed 'partner track.' You show up as a professional - you are your product so the deep inner work comes first, followed by thinking like a top business woman with marketing, accounting, sales, PR, and good habits in place - all of it. Your big dreams are gorgeous and I'll give you the mindset, strategies and tools to get there -- unique to who you are. There's no rules. There's no one size fits all model for success, just consistent aligned action directed towards the outcome you desire.

This is your passion -
and your purpose.

Of course there's hard work that comes with any major uplevel. Of course you are going to feel uncomfortable and challenged as we bust through limiting beliefs and excuses that have been sabotaging your efforts. 

But let's not forget why you chose the path less traveled....
You love what you do when you get to do it. This is actually the thing you are best at in the world and it feels like your soul's calling. You can't explain it. It's what you are meant to do. I want you to be doing it even more -- and bring more ease to your life by doing less spinning in circles. Yes, it's can be easier and even more fun. 


Are you ready
for liftoff?

The container

1:1 coaching

This is my most exclusive, intimate container for women ready to skyrocket. You are ready to feel those tingly, electric sparks that come from blending deep inner work with aligned action. You are all-in because this is your legacy. You want to have a hype woman in your pocket, accountability to follow-through, and let's be real - to stop bushwacking your way without a strategy or support, but instead be guided down a clear grounded pathway with someone lifting you up along the way.

So what's it look like to work together in a 1-1 container?

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1:1 Coaching

I'm always a voice note away or video message away. Literally in your pocket. 

by application only

Where the magic happens! 
We'll meet weekly for 60-min sessions.

Weekly zoom Sessions





2-hours monthly of material review

Have a second eye on new headshot picks, branded swag, reel material, emails to your manager or agent, submissions, etc.

Tailored tools & resources

To support you where you are at, week-by-week.


The Leading Lady

You are ready to be focused, to be held accountable, and to accelerate the timeline with the support of a coach on your dream team. This is for you, if:

5-month program

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- You recognize there are no rules, and straight to the top is the path you desire
- Regardless of where you are now, you know what you want and ready to show up
- You recognize the power of multiple 1% improvements stacked together for massive change

The Rockstar

You aren't playing around and are committed to the long-haul, to rising while mastering how you work with yourself. This is also the program for you if you have over-compromised for your career and you are ready to bring balance back to your life to free up time for what matters most according to your values.

10-month program

Hell yeah!

- You are ready to shift the way you show up to be in alignment with your values
- You're over burnout. You are looking for another way to show up without compromising performance 
- You see the value in a large investment in yourself, and it won't disregulate your system

- Kim, writer / novelist

client love

When I had my first coaching session with Cayla, I was stuck in a relationship that I thought I couldn't get out of. I lived somewhere I hated (rural Virginia); I was doing a daily, exhausting battle with my stagnant, all-but-dead writing career. It had been years since I felt any freedom, possibility, romance, or creativity. I all but forgot those things existed. Then I started working with Cayla. It only took a few sessions to shake me out of that quicksand. Now, I live in a place I LOVE (Lima, Peru); I've found a relationship that absolutely fills me with sparks, and my writing allows me to live a life of travel and freedom and joy that I thought was only possible in movies.

- Sarah, Musician

client love

Before working with Cayla I was filled with self-doubt. Working with her helped me to identify why I didn't trust myself and how to move past my fears of following my artistic calling.

Fast forward a few months and I just played a major music festival and am in the best relationship of my life. Even more importantly, I trust myself to make the right decisions to keep me on my artistic path. Thank you, Cayla!!

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Group coaching, masterclasses, and live trainings,
to support performers' & artists' craft work and well-being on the journey from part-time creative to full-time artist.

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"Cayla leads with compassion and a smile in every conversation. She provides insight and food for thought that has been very helpful. She never ends a session without holding me accountable for next step goals. It's so fun to be able to coach with her and I leave every time smiling, filled with gratitude and hopeful for the future."

-lauren, producer of abc tv show

"Cayla is the best! I wasn't even sure what I needed before reaching out to her, just that feeling that something was "off." She was able to help me focus on identifying the areas of my life that needed my attention, and set realistic goals that helped me feel calmer, more in control, and better equipped to make progress toward my dreams."

-Alexa, VP of charity Foundation

"Cayla is one badass coach who is not afraid to be blunt with her clients in order to push them forward to greatness. Yet at the same time, she is so gentle, sensitive, and compassionate. Cayla is the perfect mix of sweet and salty, gentle and tough love, which is exactly what I needed. She has so much experience, especially in the field of romance, and her coaching skills come to her naturally and intuitively...


Cayla listens so deeply and I always felt comfortable discussing any topic, no matter how deep and personal. She made me feel so heard and important during every session. I love how she even got me out of my seat to move my body, help motivating me. That was a turning point! If you have the opportunity to work with Cayla, do not let it pass you by. She is truly a gift to this world!"

-Nicole, teacher/dancer/coach

"Cayla is understanding and down to earth but she pushes you to work through blocks so you can open new doors. She’s gentle but she won’t let you choose failure. She helps you build clarity about what you want and guides you in taking actionable steps to get there. I was feeling very lost and unmotivated in my career. My work generally takes a lot of self motivation, focus and creativity and I couldn’t get myself to do it...


When I started working with Cayla, there was a sudden sense of ease for the future. We got specific about what and how I wanted to create and collaborate and made lists of accountable tasks throughout our coaching. Since I started coaching with her, I’ve received accolades for my work, been given new job opportunities and am earning more money doing what I love. My relationships have also flourished and I’ve never felt more authentic in my own skin."


"Cayla is an incredible coach and mentor. She is empathic and a great listener, and she asks fantastic questions to open me up to deeper levels of understanding and self-empowerment. Since working with her, I have found much more clarity in my love life and career direction, and I am taking the steps to fulfill my purpose that I have been blocked in for months prior to coaching with her... 


I am now on my way to a major life change and accomplishing my dream of moving across the country to pursue my dreams, and I could not have had the courage to embark on this new adventure without the support, encouragement, and guidance from Cayla.”

- Jenna,actress

- Katherine, social worker

"Going through this process with you was a really timely gift in my life. It helped me to feel empowered to make hard choices that I'm hopeful will give me a second chance at doing life the way that is most meaningful to me. I really loved and am grateful to have had the opportunity to do this!"

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