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You chose this path because of passion. You have a point of view and sense of truth that you desire to share through your chosen art form. This is exactly why you are looking to take back your time & energy to create the art that matters to you most. The work that will be your legacy. You are ready to be more than a service provider, but an artistic leader in the industry. A lightning bolt of truth. A pioneer. A leader.

Why Choose TFS*


I have certifications in:
-Yoga & Meditation Teacher.
- Life & Success Coaching
- Sensual Somatics Facilitation. 

artistic expression.

I have my BFA in Acting from the University of Connecticut, plus have trained in NYC with some of the city's best teachers including Ken Schatz, Sheila Gray, Dave Dempke, & Seamus McNally.

Serious about training.

Part of my certifications are in trauma-informed care. I will not coach out of my expertise, but I will make sure you are held safely in our containers together.

blended strategy

Stir this experience up and shake it with over a decade of corporate experience in business development across a diverse set of industries that supports your creative career's growth spurt.


Play at the top of
your industry

Your creative expression has the ability to change the world. An audience transforms during the journey of a well-told story. Hearts melt open. This is purpose.

Feminine embodiment + 
masculine structure = pleasurable results

You know the feeling when you are channeling your artistic sparks into a masterpiece. You become a conduit. It feels amazing.

Yet that same energy can make it hard to focus. You're SO lit up with sparks that you have a million ideas - and a million unfinished pieces of art that could be your legacy if you could just get them done, polished & distributed.

Together, let's first create the structured support and systems that lead to success. Then, let's vaccuum out conditioning that dims your power within, in order to amplify your creative expression, and allow it to soar like a kite. 

Coaching that honors your body
as your instrument of expression.



By blending coaching with sensual somatic practices, women in my world soften deeper into their body to access more creativity & vision. The results have been booking their biggest acting gigs to date, signing with more aligned representation, self-producing a sold out show, going on tour after a long hiatus, and abundance flowing through because of their artistic sparks.

Nice to meet you, I'm Cayla!

First of all, thank you so much for being here. I love-love being a coach. It's my passion and my purpose. If I had known as a child that coaching was a career path, I would have told you my dream was to be a coach and an actress. I'm SO happy that today this has been my reality. I am honored to coach clients into their next elevation as an artistic leader creating a ripple-effect that changes the world.

about me

client love

When I had my first coaching session with Cayla, I was stuck in a relationship that I thought I couldn't get out of. I lived somewhere I hated (rural Virginia); I was doing daily, exhausting battle with my stagnant, all-but-dead writing career. It had been years since I felt any freedom, possibility, romance, or creativity. I all but forgot those things existed.

Then I started working with Cayla. It only took a few sessions to shake me out of that quicksand. Now, I live in a place I LOVE (Lima, Peru); I've found a relationship that absolutely fills me with sparks, and my writing allows me to live a life of travel and freedom and joy that I thought was only possible in movies.

- Kim, Novelist/Writer

client love

Before working with Cayla I was filled with self-doubt. Working with her helped me to identify why I didn't trust myself and how to move past my fears of following my artistic calling.

Fast forward a few months and I just played a major music festival and am in the best relationship of my life. Even more importantly, I trust myself to make the right decisions to keep me on my artistic path. Thank you, Cayla!!

- Sarah, Musician

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