I'm cayla

Artist. performer.
sensual provacatrix. 
aries sun, aries rising
with a libra moon.
3/5 Reflector.

and a coach for wild women.

hey sista!

Big dreams, 
Big city

As a performer living in NYC, I became very intimate with the hardships of having a deep, yearning desire to practice my art full-time, master technique, and the unbearable frustration at not having the tools to overcome self-sabotage, a mean inner dialogue, anxiety - woof - all the things. I got stuck.

So I took a desk job to feel safe, but instead I felt stifled, stuck and suffocated, drifting without a sense of purpose.


I graduated the University of CT with a BFA in Acting and a dream to be working performer in NYC, but with no realistic plan on how to do it.


I moved to the Berkshires. I had already done a lot of theater work there, so it made sense. I joined a local burlesque ensemble...and then, I was sat down by a white male authority figure "looking out" for me, who called a stripper and warned of the bad reputation I was creating. I took off for NYC where small town politics wouldn't hold me back.


Let's sum this year up as...childhood trauma brain making weird decisions in a big city.


Broke my computer in the dumbest way. It was going to bankrupt me, c'est la vie. Sitting & waiting at an Apple repair store, the man next to me is a former monk and becomes my life long spiritual teacher. 


Got my sh*t back together again. Weekly acting class. Auditions. Yoga teacher certification. Booking burlesque shows & making new acts.
And quit my job in private equity to audition part-time, and be a romantic matchmaker part-time. 

2017 - 2019

YIKES. The pandemic was easier than these couple years. My sister beat breast cancer though. Hell yeah! I recommitted to my healing path. Got a life coach.
Started listening to my intuition again.

2020 - Now

After 600 hours of studying & coaching observation, I launched my private 1:1 coaching practice. Developed 1:1 into a brand, To Feel Sparks, and launched the membership component The Matchbox.

To Feel Sparks

by Cayla Buettner


Serving hundreds of women via the Matchbox Membership & a roster of 1:1 VIP clients who are so badass, I literally have chills.
Yes I'm writing this in 2022, but this is the track.
You get me. 


What gets me out
of bed every day

I created To Feel Sparks to serve artists struggling to enjoy their life while pursuing their dreams. The world needs our artists to thrive. Abundant artists improve our communities, change political policies, and open the world to more love and acceptance. Plus you make us laugh when shit is dark which may be the most important work of all.
That's why I do what I do.

My favorite things:


my rescue pup freckles & cat seraphina


thrifting for costumes to perform in


taking a sweaty yoga class on my lunch break


DIgging for records & finding a legendary recording


escaping the city - ocean, lakes or mountains


waking up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee


getting lost in Brooklyn only to find an art installation


weekend adventures with my boo

"Cayla leads with compassion and a smile in every conversation. She provides insight and food for thought that has been very helpful. She never ends a session without holding me accountable for next step goals. It's so fun to be able to coach with her and I leave every time smiling, filled with gratitude and hopeful for the future."

-lauren, producer of abc tv show

"Cayla is the best! I wasn't even sure what I needed before reaching out to her, just that feeling that something was "off." She was able to help me focus on identifying the areas of my life that needed my attention, and set realistic goals that helped me feel calmer, more in control, and better equipped to make progress toward my dreams."

-Alexa, VP of charity Foundation

"Cayla is one badass coach who is not afraid to be blunt with her clients in order to push them forward to greatness. Yet at the same time, she is so gentle, sensitive, and compassionate. Cayla is the perfect mix of sweet and salty, gentle and tough love, which is exactly what I needed. She has so much experience, especially in the field of romance, and her coaching skills come to her naturally and intuitively...


Cayla listens so deeply and I always felt comfortable discussing any topic, no matter how deep and personal. She made me feel so heard and important during every session. I love how she even got me out of my seat to move my body, help motivating me. That was a turning point! If you have the opportunity to work with Cayla, do not let it pass you by. She is truly a gift to this world!"

-Nicole, teacher/dancer/coach

"Cayla is understanding and down to earth but she pushes you to work through blocks so you can open new doors. She’s gentle but she won’t let you choose failure. She helps you build clarity about what you want and guides you in taking actionable steps to get there. I was feeling very lost and unmotivated in my career. My work generally takes a lot of self motivation, focus and creativity and I couldn’t get myself to do it...


When I started working with Cayla, there was a sudden sense of ease for the future. We got specific about what and how I wanted to create and collaborate and made lists of accountable tasks throughout our coaching. Since I started coaching with her, I’ve received accolades for my work, been given new job opportunities and am earning more money doing what I love. My relationships have also flourished and I’ve never felt more authentic in my own skin."


"Cayla is an incredible coach and mentor. She is empathic and a great listener, and she asks fantastic questions to open me up to deeper levels of understanding and self-empowerment. Since working with her, I have found much more clarity in my love life and career direction, and I am taking the steps to fulfill my purpose that I have been blocked in for months prior to coaching with her... 


I am now on my way to a major life change and accomplishing my dream of moving across the country to pursue my dreams, and I could not have had the courage to embark on this new adventure without the support, encouragement, and guidance from Cayla.”

- Jenna,actress

- Katherine, social worker

"Going through this process with you was a really timely gift in my life. It helped me to feel empowered to make hard choices that I'm hopeful will give me a second chance at doing life the way that is most meaningful to me. I really loved and am grateful to have had the opportunity to do this!"

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